the most elegant way of decanting and aerating wine.

Spectacular aeration of a bottle of wine in just four minutes.

Designed by wine experts for everyone, to bring out the best in your fine wine.
The unique design filters out the dregs automatically, making sure they don’t end up in your glass, while the precision spout creates a gentle swirl of wine and air.

Enhance Your Experience Of Wine

You’ll be enchanted as you watch the wine being exposed to just the right amount of air as it slowly makes its way down the decanting spiral. The beautiful and elegant decanter has been designed for ease of pouring.

Designed and made in Scandinavia

High-quality materials are one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. The WineDecanter is no exception, with its beautiful form effortlessly expressing quality and functionality. The WineDecanter aerator is completely handmade from special glass of the highest quality. The glass is dishwasher safe and all WineDecanter components are available separately.


The wooden frame that holds the glass decanter is handmade from the finest oak and can be personalized according to your wishes.

The regular WineDecanter model, including an extra carafe.

The price of a complete WineDecanter is € 1495,00, exclusive VAT and costs of transport.

Separate parts can be ordered a ; Top part € 495.00 , Spiral part € 395.00 , Carafe each € 177.50 , Wooden holder € 250.00. (excl. VAT and shipping costs).

Dishwasher safe

All glass parts of the WineDecanter are dishwasher safe.

Experience whiskey like you’ve never experienced it before…

The price of a WhiskeyPipe is € 69,95 exclusive VAT and cost of transport (order quantity minimal 4 pieces).

Information and ordering

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